[BLFS Trac] #2172: XDG Base Directory Issues

Luca liliana.perossa at fastwebnet.it
Mon Jan 29 23:31:25 PST 2007

Bruce Dubbs ha scritto:
> You're right.  We'll get something in the change log.
>   -- Bruce

Hi Bruce, thanks, it's just a matter of principle, nothing else.

P.S. Yesterday I updated your Ticket #1550 OpenEXR (new enhancement). 
The make check passed with no errors, but I don't know SBUs and have no 
descriptions of programs and libraries installed. You opened originally 
the Ticket (1 year ago) saying "Add OpenEXR to the book. It is a 
recommended dependency of kdelibs". If you still wish to add it please 
feel free to use or not what I added yesterday.


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