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Comment (by Luca):

 To maintain coherency with other packages than can be localized (with
 instrs. or comments already in the book, example OpenOffice), and as per
 some comments with Dan, Firefox and the other Mozilla-based packages
 (Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Mozilla and NVU based on some build I made,
 haven't tried other), here are some infos about localization:

 In the .mozconfig file created as per book it's possible to add the
 following two lines:

 ac_add_options --enable-ui-locale=<ll>
 mk_add_options MOZ_CO_LOCALES=<ll>

 and change the build command to:

 make -f client.mk checkout build

 to build localized versions (checkout is needed to download localized
 files). According to [path-to-sources]/mozilla/toolkit/locales/all-locales
 working and integrated locales are: cs, el, fi, fr, ga-IE, he, hu, it, nb-
 NO, nl, pl, ro, sv-SE, ru; missing localizations can be done manually by
 simply translating the stuff from original American-English to the desired
 one (example: I installed Thunderbird-2.0a1 localized but since it-sources
 are not available I translated by myself EN-US ones to it and placed them
 in [path-to-sources]/l10n/it hierarchy, used the same commands and now I
 use Thunderbird in italian). If the localization isn't avaible and you
 translated by yourself/someone else translated for you or you have it
 already in place the "checkout" can be removed from the build command.
 The localized files may have a different version number (example:
 Firefox-2.x uses it "langpack" 1.8.1 so it is worth to take a look before
 building to avoid missing xul references and so on).
 These infos apply to 1.5.x versions too.

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