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#1550: OpenEXR
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Comment (by Luca):

 There's a 1.5.0 development release but I never tested.

 Anyway the "problem" was solved with a sed, the solution already done on
 CBLFS (http://cblfs.cross-lfs.org/index.php/OpenEXR) is adding prior to

 sed -i "s:-lGL:-L${XORG_PREFIX}/lib &:" configure

 and then the build commands:

 ./configure --prefix=/usr
 make check
 make install

 To build the examples (disable by default) there is the switch


 For installed FLKT and Cg it's possible to pass the switches:

 --with-fltk-config=PATH --with-cg-prefix=PFX

 To choose which OpenGL headers to use there's the switch:


 Programs installed: exrdisplay, exrenvmap, exrheader, exrmakepreview,
 exrmaketiled, exrstdattr.
 Libraries installed: libHalf.{a,so}, liblex.{a,so}, libilmlmf.{a,so},
 libilmThread.{a,so}, liblmath,{a,so}.
 Installed directories: /usr/include/OpenEXR, /usr/share/doc/OpenEXR-1.4.0.

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