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#2102: Audit translated manual pages
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Changes (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):

  * type:  task => defect


 LFS expects that manual pages are in the language-specific (usually 8-bit)
 encoding, as specified on
 However, some packages install translated manual pages in UTF-8 encoding
 (e.g., Shadow, already dealt with), or manual pages in languages not in
 the table. Not all BLFS packages have been audited for conformance with
 the requirements put in LFS. If you find a manual page installed by any of
 BLFS packages that is obviously in the wrong encoding, please remove or
 convert it as needed, and report this to BLFS team as a bug.

 I like this. Can we agree on the following:

 1. Place the text above on the locale related issues page.
 2. Provide fixes to the sources for packages that install bad
 pages (easy enough to get the list of packages that need it)
 3. Periodically Editors should run the check to ensure no
 other bad pages have snuck in.

 If we can agree on the above, or something similar if someone
 notices the strategy might be flawed, I'll gladly pick up the
 ticket and get this done.

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