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#2003: Vim 7.0
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 Many thanks Bruce for the update,although to be honest I would like to see
 into the book the part about the various interpreters.

 Look at it in this way.
 Why someone has to rebuild vim after LFS?

 a) X

 2.X11 selection.
 3.Various other reasons,like scripts that are designed (or work better)
 for the gui,like the tohtml script.

 b) Building against the various scripting languages (python,ruby,tcl)
 wasn't present in the first build.
 The problem with this,is that you have to enable the various interpreters
 *manually*,because vim wisely it doesn't link against these languages no
 matter if they are present or not.
 So I believe that is something,that is worth mentioning in the

 Your call.

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