creating the book from xml source

blfs at blfs at
Sat Jan 13 08:22:19 PST 2007


Sorry if this is the incorrect mailing list for this.

Have just finished LFS and was moving onto BLFS when I noticed that the
book didn't build correctly from the Makefile.

The import lines in some of the stylesheets have an incorrect url:,69.1/xhtml/chunk-common.xsl

changing the "1.69.1" to "current" worked and allowed the book to compile.


vim `grep -l 1.69.1 stylesheets/*`

allowed me to find the relevant files, and then


will make the change.

Hope this helps, and once again sorry if this is the wrong list.



Calling the unnamed register the unnamed register really does nothing but
negate the name the unnamed register and render the unnamed register
useless as a name, thus the unnamed register is named the unnamed register
and is no longer the unnamed register as it is named the unnamed register,
so where is the unnamed register to be found and what do we call it!

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