[BLFS Trac] #2072: Mutt 1.5.13

Ag. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 23:28:24 PST 2007

On Fri, Feb 23, at 10:50 Dan Nicholson wrote:
> I'm stupid about mutt. Does libesmtp allow me to use a remote MTA
> instead of my local MTA? Or does it just add ESMTP support to the
> current SMTP dialog?

And by coincidence the patch just applied by Brendan (it was his
patch anyway) -unfortunately there is no access right now to the web interface
to link to it,maybe because they are moving from cvs to mercurial
(that's the plan).

Oh,and disregard!
The patch doesn't look to depend on libesmtp.[1]
I had a different patch in mind,last night when I wrote it.
Last night?
Did I mention that it was my birthday?
40 years officially and... counting.I owe you a drink. :)

By the way Dan,
We already have the --enable-pop by default 
	-- Oh,I almost forgot about that.
If someone wants to use pop with gmail it has to use also --with-ssl 
configure switch.Should we have to mention it also?
So I wonder,that with the same logic that we use --enable-pop,then it will
be wise to add --enable-smtp in the instructions.

What do you think?
Or is a little bit overkill?
Although smtp support it makes more sense than using pop3 with mutt.

For those who don't know, Mutt is not doing SMTP -until now -(currently relies on 3rd
party software to do this) --I am using libesmtp/esmtp if that matters.

Patch against an older version.
1. http://mutt.kublai.com/patches/patch-1.5.11.bc.smtp.14

Looking in it,there are some number of supported protocols,and there is
also a StartTLS SMTP extension,which is what is being used (I believe) to 
send message through gmail's smtp server.
Again it needs --enable-ssl for that matter.

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