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#2279: Mutt - Use Dev or Stable?
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 I am catching up with my mail,so today I saw some messages in mutt-dev
 mailing list that are very interesting and will get us out from the

 Thomas Roessler the long time mutt maintainer gave up for the favor of
 Brendan Cully.

 Here is the first words by Brendan.

 I intend to cut 1.5.14 this weekend. I'd like to make 1.5.15 the last
 proper dev release for 1.6 - that is, feature-freeze after
 1.5.15. So, I'd like to hear once again which patches everyone would
 like to see in 1.6 (and which patches people object to)

 Now there is a long discussion about features and patches that should be
 included in 1.6.
 There many patches floating around for ages (debian mostly) and there was
 some very interesting participation included  Thomas Dickey (the
 xterm/ncurses developer).

 So let's wait what will come up from this.
 Meanwhile I am proposing to stick with the development version that is now
 in the book.

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