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#2279: Mutt - Use Dev or Stable?
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 Closing this ticket as my question was (I suppose poorly phrased
 for one) more directed to the fact that the book uses a dev
 version of Mutt that is *older* than the newest stable version,
 yet we continue to use a dev version in the book. This is
 contrary to policy, but I suppose it doesn't matter.

 I am just confused as to why we use a dev version when a newer
 stable version is available. I cannot phrase this any better to
 try an get an answer, so I suppose I'll just not worry about it.

 However, it just sends mixed signals to use a dev version when
 there is a stable version available, yet we are stuck using
 "stable" HTML Tidy and FFmpeg when even those package developers
 say to use development versions.

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