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#2279: Mutt - Use Dev or Stable?
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 I am using 1.5.13 since the day a and it never gave me a single problem.

 The application runs in 2 boxes,one locally and one in a ssh
 connection,and it stays open all the time usually for more than 10
 days,sometimes close to month,without any problem.

 The behavior is exactly as expected (keys,config,hooks,memory/cpu
 usage,every single thing).

 This thing is damn close guys.There are some very experience people,over
 mutt-dev and mutt-users and believe me if a serious problem found in the
 road the fix will come very quickly and will go to the book as soon as

 The 1.4 stable branch is still and will ever be usable for some old
 stubborn   unix hackers but it should be considered as future completed
 and like such pretty much outdated.

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