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#2279: Mutt - Use Dev or Stable?
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Comment (by dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org):

 The major reason for using 1.5 was just listed by Ag. 1.4.2 is really old
 and is 2 commits to fix security vulnerabilities over the past 2

 And people keep forgetting where the change initated from. It was Archaic,
 who traditionally was one of the most conservative developers, who just
 flat out said 1.5.11 is stable. And I know for a fact that he uses mutt
 religiously. He sent me his muttrc once because I can't figure out a thing
 in that program and it was like 300 lines long.

 So, that was the reason why we started using 1.5.x. I hardly use mutt, so
 I'd have to defer to someone else on a decision. But Ag seems really
 experienced with it, and we've never had a complaint in a ticket or on the
 list about mutt-1.5.x.

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