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#2279: Mutt - Use Dev or Stable?
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 There is no development action for years in the 1.4 branch.
 All the distributions I know they ship with the development version as
 their default.
 The code in the 1.5 branch is quite stable and very well tested.

 Please don't ask why the mutt developers,doesn't release a new version
 on that branch.

 This version (1.5.13) is almost six months old and by the time that Blfs
 will get a new release it would be safe to consider this version "stable
 enough".If a bug found until we release,then we can just backport the fix
 and done with it.

 And besides that (which for me are good enough reasons to continue to use
 development versions),the note in the mutt instructions (why we use a
 development version) still applies for the

 The was out there when we have decided to include the development
 version in the Book instead of stable.
 In fact is still the 1.4.2 release with 2 backported patches to
 fix 2 vulnerabilities.

 And I don't know anyone in developer stuff (besides Archaic),that is using
 the stable version.

 And to be honest,I hate to change my config just to test the stable
 It's one of the most critical applications in my systems and I don't want
 to make changes that will affect my daily activity.

 Oh and I guess,we can close the #2072.

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