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#2296: LAME-3.97
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 Version increment to 3.97


 (Note: This is a personal reflection and nothing to do with BLFS):

 I hate Sourceforge. Every single page takes an hour to load and
 it contains nothing but a bunch of ads, and if you can make your
 way through them, it is just plain hard to navigate, and slow as
 hell. Did I mention I hate Sourceforge?

 However, I suppose there's something to be said about a hosting
 network that allows open source projects to breed (and grow) for
 free. Though, did I mention, that I hate navigating those damn
 pages because they take forever to load. You must have great
 patience to view Sourceforge pages.

 Bottom line is: I hate Sourceforge. And so many multimedia apps
 use it, so you won't see many updates to the BLFS Trac about
 multimedia, because it means navigating these horrific spam/ad

 LAME is an exception, as it is an important project.

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