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#2263: Fcron  3.0.2.
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 Version increment to 3.0.2.

 I would like to bring up again the issue in #1472.

 I don't think that is solved.

 First we don't make it obvious that a text editor is absolutely required
 for fcron to be fully functional.

 There isn't at least a note in the configuration section,like the which
 note in the docbook-utils instructions.

 Although to be honest I don't fully understand this policy,that we have
 only list build time dependencies as required.

 We could easily say in fcron page,like we do in docbook page for the
 optional runtime dependencies.

 Required (Runtime dependency only)
 Text editor (default is vi from the Vim-7.0 package)

 If a new ticket is needed to document this new policy,just say so.

 If a note is sufficient I believe what Richard says is his first comment
 in #1472 is sufficient.
 Fcron needs a text editor to be functional.
 It uses whatever editor is set in the editor variable in /etc/fcron.conf.
 Default is /usr/bin/vi.

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