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#2249: Sudo dependencies
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 Unfortunately, this was forgotten about and not included in the
 6.2.0 release. Anyway, as was noted on -dev, the Sudo package
 does not list dependencies. My notes show that Sudo can optionally
 use: OpenLDAP, krb4, MITKRB or Heimdal, Linux-PAM, an MTA, S/Key
 and Electric Fence.

 I've been electing to leave S/Key dependencies out of packages
 (Linux-PAM, Shadow, etc.) as there doesn't appear to be a current
 logdaemon package to install (I sort of look at this one similar
 to the SeLinux dependencies). Also, just for the records, I've
 been leaving the libaudit dependency out of packages because the
 libaudit package seems to Red-Hat specific.

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