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#2247: wpa-service 0.21 in blfs ?
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Comment (by eloi):

 well i said smth stupid, wpa_supplicant is always run as a daemon...
 However in my case i only use one instance of this daemon, and anything
 like creating a network or removing interface is done via wpa_cli.
 wpa_supplicant is also able to completly replace iwconfig and this can be
 usefull for small systems.

 Another interresting point of it's way of doing is MOBILITY: (switching
 because wpa_supplicant just connect to the most secure and available
 network and then launch the desired IP service according to the ssid
 config file it found in /etc/sysconfig/wpa_supplicant (static or dynamic

 Then i really think that wpa-service (and it's scripts) have something to
 do in the blfs book, not because i want but because it really helps. (i
 move over more than 15 differents wireless networks with at least 7
 differents ip configuration)

 in another hand, i agree that more progress still needed in. But i'm only
 a chemist and not a developer.

 Is someone wants to continue my work ?

 Best Regards
 Eloi Primaux

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