[BLFS Trac] #2242: BLFS-6.2.0 text changes

Chuck Rhode CRhode at LacusVeris.com
Tue Feb 13 10:29:47 PST 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote this on Tue, Feb 13, 2007 at 11:40:55AM -0600.
My reply is below.

> Chuck Rhode wrote these words on 02/13/07 11:19 CST:

> > The xreflabel in these packages does not match the case of the
> > package title:

> Many got goofed up during an XML conversion. I've been fixing them
> as I notice them. As it doesn't have anything to do with the actual
> instructions, I've never felt it was something that needed real
> focus to get it all done at once.

No, it's not serious.  Even my automatic parser can deal with it

> > Here are examples of the same internal link used in hard-to-parse
> > phrases:

> > : basicnet/netprogs/cvs.xml

> (I left one, but snipped the rest). Franky, I don't understand what you
> are trying to say, and you don't provide any 'solution', so anything I
> said would be a guess.

Yeah, my automatic parser goes after the resultant *html*, so it
expects comma-separated lists of dependencies.  The AND conjunction is
overlooked.  The OR conjunction (which thankfully seems never to be
used in a comma-separated sub-list) flags alternatives.  Other phrases
are extraneous to the automatic parser's purposes.  I see such phrases
as undefined externals, and I manually make them synonyms of known
packages or externals or discard them altogether.  This is merely a
quibble, OK?  I have it (Fist of Death) all under control.

Here's some code from the automatic parser to give you an idea what
I'm up against:

: yank_junk('Shadow-4.0.15', 'Linux-PAM- and/or CrackLib-2.8.10')
: add_prereq('Shadow-4.0.15', 'Linux-PAM-')
: add_prereq('Shadow-4.0.15', 'CrackLib-2.8.10')
: yank_junk('Kdepim-3.5.6', 'Bluetooth hardware')
: yank_junk('Kdepim-3.5.6', 'driver libraries')
: yank_junk('FreeTTS-1.2.1', 'working audio hardware/software')
: yank_junk('Fcron-3.0.1', 'text editor')
: add_nym('Procmail-3.22', 'a local MDA')
: add_nym('Procmail-3.22', 'Mail Delivery Agent')
: add_nym('Procmail-3.22', 'an MDA')
: add_nym('Procmail-3.22', 'MDA')
: add_alternative(
:     'MTA',
:     'Exim-4.61',
:     'Postfix-2.3.3',
:     'Sendmail-8.13.6',
:     )
: add_nym('MTA', 'a Mail Transfer Agent')
: add_nym('MTA', 'a MTA')
: add_nym('MTA', 'an MTA')
: add_nym('MTA', 'An MTA')
: add_nym('MTA', 'an MTA that provides the sendmail command or Heirloom mailx-12.0')
: add_alternative(
:     'MUA',
:     'Heirloom mailx-12.0',
:     'Mutt-1.5.11',
:     'Pine-4.64',
:     'Kdepim-3.5.6',
:     'Balsa-2.3.13',
:     'SeaMonkey-1.1',
:     'Thunderbird-',
:     'Evolution-2.6.3',
:     )
: add_nym('MUA', 'a Mail User Agent')
: add_nym('MUA', 'a MUA')
: add_nym('MUA', 'an MUA')
: add_nym('MUA', 'An MUA')

The synonyms are carried over from BLFS 6.1 and don't all seem to be
required by 6.2.

> > : general/genlib/gmime.xml shows <ulink url="http://go-mono.com/sources/">Gtk#</ulink>
> > : general/sysutils/dbus.xml shows <ulink url="http://www.mono-project.com/GtkSharp">GtkSharp-1.0.x</ulink>.

> > : xsoft/other/balsa.xml and xsoft/other/gaim.xml show <ulink url="http://gtkspell.sourceforge.net/">Gtkspell</ulink>
> > : xsoft/other/pan.xml shows <ulink url="http://gtkspell.sourceforge.net/download/gtkspell-2.0.4.tar.gz">gtkspell-2.0.4</ulink>

> Again, not sure what you are suggesting here. Any future discussion
> on this topic probably should be moved to -dev.

Oh, shoot, I'm not suggesting that the external links are not valid.
I'm providing a little typography feedback, which Mr. Nicholson
solicited for Ticket #2242.  I just thought that maybe the externals
Gtk# and GtkSharp were meant to be identical as were Gtkspell and

Here's how I handle these situations:

: add_external('GtkSharp-1.0.x')
: add_nym('GtkSharp-1.0.x', 'Gtk#')
: add_external('gtkspell-2.0.4');
: add_nym('gtkspell-2.0.4', 'GtkSpell')

I note the existence of optional external packages, but I don't note
how to resolve them.

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