[BLFS Trac] #2242: BLFS-6.2.0 text changes

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 00:09:18 PST 2007

On 2/12/07, Chuck Rhode <CRhode at lacusveris.com> wrote:
> >  Do you mean for the external links? Or the internal ones?
> There's more variation on the internal ones, but there's at least some
> inconsistency in both.  I can be more specific!  8-)

Sure. The internal ones are defined by <xref>, which in turn takes the
name from a property in the target page. Those could probably be more
consistent. I'd love to hear some specifics. They might not all get
changed, but at least they're simple to take care of.

The external ones can certainly differ as they're written in on each
page they appear on, rather than referencing an entity.

> >  Thanks. The 1st and 3rd diffs look good. The second one is actually a
> >  false positive because I think the module is really called Boost.Python.
> I think you're right.  I was going by an anology with OpenOffice-2.0.3
> (Chapter 35) that references the Boost Project at SourceForge.net --
> which includes Boost.Python, btw.

I think we're OK here. Presumably, OpenOffice is using the boost C++
libraries. Maybe this should be Boost rather than boost since that's
how they refer to it in their introduction. However, if kdeedu is
really using the Python bindings, it seems to be called Boost.Python.
The link on the frontpage of boost.sourceforge.net points to the same
place as the BLFS book.

So, maybe we should change the link on the OO.o page from boost to Boost.


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