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#2430: cups configuration
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Comment (by chris at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Probably just need a single sentence saying something like "You will
 likely need to have the appropriate drivers for your printer ("parallel
 printer support" if you have a parallel port printer for example) enabled
 in the kernel."

 Or just copy-and-paste the text for SANE...

 "To access your scanner, you will probably need the related kernel drivers
 and/or additional support packages. A SCSI scanner will need SCSI drivers,
 a parallel port scanner needs parallel port support (you should use
 enhanced EPP modes) and perhaps libieee1284  and a USB scanner will need
 the libusb-0.1.12  package. Ensure you have the necessary drivers properly
 configured to access the devices."

 ...and change "scanner" to "printer" (though libusb is not required for
 usb printers...or at least not all usb printers...).

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