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#2360: Zsh 4.3.4
 Reporter:  Ag.Hatzim  |        Owner:  Ag.Hatzim
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 Thanks to Paul Ackersviller who backported many bug fixes onto the 4.2
 branch, there is out a new release (4.2.7) from the stable branch.

 As I said its only a bug fix release with no new functionality, apart from
 some completion functions.

 Here is a part of Paul's message some weeks ago.

 " I've finished the back-merging of many bug-fixes onto the 4.2 branch,
 as well as most completions (the notable exceptions being 22328 and
 23479).  The ChangeLog on the branch should match the changes committed
 to the branch, but I wouldn't be surprised by a mistake or two given
 the hundreds of changes I looked at.  I've also sanitized all the
 branch's .distfiles using Peter's check_dist_files script.

 If anyone cares, I also have the list of change numbers I looked at,
 but didn't merge.  These were not all just new features, but some fixes
 didn't merge cleanly or compile properly, sometimes only because of
 extra parameters on something like zerr().  I didn't attempt to guess
 at a resolution for these problems, but left the changes out.

 There is also a series of dev-releases in all the December.
 Peter Stephenson promised for a release around Xmas. So forget the
 attached patch for now, as 4.3.5 it will be a major release with many bug
 fixes and many enhancements.

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