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#1957: Packages that don't work in multibyte locales and cannot be fixed
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 Reopening ticket because I think it needs more discussion.

 I would like to see these warnings go into the book. The way I see it, if
 there's a known problem with a package, it should be noted in the book.
 Alexander has spent a great deal of time investigating these problems, and
 I'd hate to see that information not be put to use. I'll be willing to add
 information for the packages Alexander has noted.

 If we aren't going to say that the packages in the book support UTF-8,
 then we should be up front about it. The Locale Related Issues page should
 say that, possibly with a note to check the Wiki for information about
 specific packages. But LFS-6.2 supports multibyte locales, so I think we
 should at least add the information given by Alexander to say which
 packages are not going to work under the assumed base system.

 That's my two cents. Please comment one way or the other, because the book
 will have to be changed. If it's decided that we aren't going to mention
 broken UTF-8 packages, then the nano/mc/unzip/pine/nautilus-cd-burner
 stuff has to leave because it shouldn't get special treatment over a2ps,

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