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#2065: Sane-Backends-1.0.18
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Comment (by buo):

 Attached a patch to upgrade sane to 1.0.18. Please review the change in
 disk space required, since it went down from 60MB to 3MB. I doublechecked
 and 3MB seems correct to me. I also tried to improve the wording a bit in
 one place.

 Regarding the udev rules: as far as I understand it, it's important to use
 the included rules because it allows sane to load the appropriate firmware
 the first time the scanner is accessed. Without the included list of
 scanners, there's no way for it to know exactly which scanner it is
 talking too. So, it's not just a matter of permissions.

 I added a scanner group locally (number 16), and {x,}sane just work.

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