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#2003: Vim 7.0
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 This is a miserable attempt to upgrade vim,thanks to a call for help by
 Dan Nicholson:

 So bear with me as this is my first try to create a diff for the Book.

 Obviously there are some human errors of all kind in there,so please
 review first and most probably fix some things before applying the diff.

 Some explanations.
 I am patching vim to reach in the patchlevel 150,because indeed there are
 things that have to be fixed in the vim initial version.
 I am also using bzcat to apply the patch because of it's size.
 Uncompressed patch is almost 670 Kilobytes,while the compessed is 140.

 The documentation symbolic link I think is required because of a probably
 existing symlink created earlier by LFS.
 The construct however can be changed with an if/fi statement,although I
 guess the current is also compatible with bash/zsh (I am not sure for

 I also added some more option in the command explanations to include the
 various interpreters.Again this can be changed if desired.

 I also added a note about the spell checker although to be honest my
 initial intention is to give to the user the chance to see the new
 features of the 7.0 version.But there is no such section in the BLFS pages
 for something like:
 "What's is new in this release and why you have to upgrade"

 I didn't touch the changelog,this is I think a work that has to be done
 from the commiter.

 Probably there many mistakes regarding various tags.I see also it as a
 chance to see by first hand their usage and learn.

 I will email the patch to the patches mailing list,so someone I guess can
 pick it up from there.

 Unfortunately I will not have time today to participate in the ticket.

 You are free to move on and update to the new version because is a serious
 mismatch between LFS and BLFS.

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