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#2190: No way to input Asian characters
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Comment (by alexander at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Oops. Please ignore my previous comment.

 The link to user notes links directly to my InputMethods page. This is not
 good, because some user may want to add his user note about XKB or mouse
 (Archaic: hint). Such information is not about InputMethods, and thus has
 to be placed at a different page. You are effectively blocking that user.

 Any of the following two actions will resolve this problem:

 1) Create a new wiki page called "input devices" which currently contains
 only a link to my InputMethods page, but can be extended later. Link to
 that new page instead of InputMethods as a page with user notes.

 2) Put the link to InputMethods in the text, not as a general "user notes"
 link. Possibly add a separate link for user notes to a different (maybe
 empty) page.

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