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#2193: Drop Xfree86 from the book.
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Changes (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):

  * milestone:  6.3 => future


 It appears that BLFS-6.2 is going to ship with both Xorgs
 and XFree as well

 After that, here's how I see it. But this has been a
 frequent discussion item on -dev/-book, so the archives
 could be helpful to see other points-of-view.

 A decision must be reached by the group about the need
 to keep anything but autotooled Xorg. I feel like the
 book needs an easy-building X for folks that may just
 need to do some testing (or whatever), and perhaps even
 intend to remove X at some point. Or, for that matter,
 just plain wish to use XFree instead of Xorg.

 If it is determined that we keep a version of X that is
 based on the imake build system, then it seems to me that
 XFree would be the one. Reasons I see:

 1. XFree will continue to be maintained (and if that were
    to ever change, then of course we would probably dump
 2. Because nothing *requires* an imake installed version
    of X, it's hard to consider keeping two versions of
    Xorg around (such as the current GTK+ situation).
 3. Xorg-6.x is no longer maintained.
 4. There is much precedent in the book encouraging BLFS to
    maintain two (or more) flavors of similar (functionality
    speaking) packages if both/all are actively maintained.
 5. Folks may wish to use XFree instead of Xorg.
 6. I am on record as saying I would do the building and
    testing of XFree as we go forward. To me, it is trivial
    to test (shutdown current X, rename the current /usr/X11
    and /etc/X11 dirs, install XFree, test). And as long as
    XFree continues to be maintained, it's likely that the
    actual code base will be updated to accomodate changes
    in hardware, etc. Therefore, it just seems to me to be a
    very low-maintenance thing with decent reward to the book.

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