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#2182: Building graphviz-2.8 with Java Bindings
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 I spent a few minutes trying to duplicate this issue and was stumped as
 configure found and processed the jni.h header just fine. Compilation of
 the package (including the JAVA bindings) was perfect. Looking further,
 the specific autoconf function is an AC_CHECK_HEADER call for jni.h.

 Easy enough. However, I was totally stumped on how configure was finding
 /opt/jdk/include/jni.h. I spent a few more minutes trying to figure out
 how configure knew to look in JAVA_HOME/include. I couldn't find
 anything, so I wrote a bogus configure.ac with some AC_CHECK_HEADER
 calls. Finally, after a lucky error message, I see that configure will
 use the /usr/lib/gcc/.../include directory in the search directories
 for system headers.

 And, because my GCC installation includes the JAVA compiler, configure
 finds jni.h. So, this explains why Graphviz builds the JAVA bindings
 just fine *for me*, and could fail for others.

 But, I need someone to check out another method of discovery other
 than what is proposed earlier in this ticket. There is a native
 method of including additional search directories for headers and
 libs using the --with-extraincludedir and --with-extralibdir
 parameters passed to configure.

 As I cannot check this (due to having GCC's JAVA compiler installed),
 could someone who has the JDK installed (and not GCC's java) please
 use these parameters to configure and see if it works? Unfortunately,
 you'll also need SWIG installed.

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