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Sun Oct 22 01:38:51 PDT 2006

#2188: OpenSSH-4.4p1 / Security fixes
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Comment (by alexander at linuxfromscratch.org):

 The SVN version of the LiveCD has this package. Basic testcases such as
 "connect to another host", "start a server and let the user log in using a
 password", "forward a local port", "get a warning on host key change"
 pass. However, I don't think that testing by two people in VMware is
 sufficient to let the package in.

 Please test at least the following before letting the package in:

  * syslogging of failed connections with/without PAM, with password and/or
 public key
  * remote and dynamic port forwarding
  * X forwarding
  * restrictions on public keys in .authorized_keys file

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