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#2119: Wrong datadir for xorg 7.1  : -> --datadir=$XORG_PREFIX/lib"
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Comment (by dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Meant to comment last night. I've really been looking closely at this and
 I think dropping the --datadir switch would work. At 7.0, some of the
 autotools weren't fixed up right, so this made sense. But now, all the
 right built in paths are fixed. An the autoconf macros going into
 ${libdir} is bad.

 Above I expressed a concern about the app-defaults directory. Turns out
 that X will search through a whole slew of directories to find these
 settings. This is defined in libXt. Do strings on libXt, and after a while
 you'll find the search path with a bunch of tokens in it. The default path
 it tells other packages about (if they want to query) is ${datadir}/X11
 /app-defaults. It's in pkgconfig/xt.pc. But, that doesn't matter as it
 will look in /etc/X11, /usr/lib/X11, etc.

 Everything else like the xkb database, rgb settings, stuff that the
 xserver needs to know about, I think these all take the correct path by
 default now, which is in ${datadir}/X11.

 The fonts that I checked go to ${libdir}/X11. This is also the default
 path in the xserver. Also checked libXfont, and it expects the font
 encodings to be in ${libdir}/X11/fonts/encodings. Checked libfontenc and
 encodings. The paths defined there are ${libdir}/X11/fonts/encodings.
 Checked font-alias and font-misc-misc. They both expect the fonts in

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