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#2182: Building graphviz-2.8 with Java Bindings
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 graphviz-2.8's configure script does not seem to properly find your Java
 headers (i.e. jni.h) unless they are specifically located in your
 `/usr/include` directory.

 Simply passing configure a CPPFLAGS doesn't seem to do the trick, as the
 generated Makefiles still do not reference the additional include and
 directories passed to it.

 A solution that seems to have worked for me is to run the following in the
 graphviz build directory (the one created by the tar command):

 CPPFLAGS="-I$JAVA_HOME/include -I$JAVA_HOME/include/linux" \
 ./configure --prefix=/usr &&

 And then, as supplied by BLFS (as user ''root''):

 make install

 and optionally

 ln -v -s /usr/share/graphviz/doc \

 '''Note: ''' You must (and already should if you followed the BLFS
 for configuring JDK) have an environment variable JAVA_HOME which
 the prefix for your JDK installation.

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