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#2178: tetex: one useful file not installed
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 The cm-super tarball is only partially copied to the texmf installation
 directories.  I recently found I needed something else from it: namely
 file cm-super/type1ec.sty , which is used by the LaTeX back-end for

 Unless someone has a better idea, I recommend putting it in

 The same back-end also needs ucs.sty: I'm currently trying to
 track down the best source (the original author has dropped it for
 want of time) .  A version can be found at
 I suppose somewhere like /usr/share/texmf-local/tex/ucs/ucs.sty will do
 for it.

 Just in case anyone missed it, after installing new files "by hand" you
 should call mktexlsr /usr/share/texmf-<whatever> to update the ls-R
 catalogue file.  mktexlsr with no arguments updates all
 the catalogues it knows about, which is easy but can take a while, as
 there's a lot in 'texmf'.

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