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Luca liliana.perossa at fastwebnet.it
Thu Oct 5 08:12:09 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Alexander E. Patrakov wrote these words on 10/05/06 09:05 CST:
>> Do we really want to link to software like DirectFB that didn't even 
>> build with any linux-libc-headers in the not-so-distant past? (of 
>> course, if DirectFB does build on unmodified LFS-6.2 now, my objection 
>> is void)
> I have no idea. I just know that Cairo uses it. If the dependency
> doesn't build, that really isn't my concern. Just because a dependency
> is listed as 'optional', doesn't mean BLFS recommends you install it.
> The only time I can think we deliberately avoid listing a valid
> dependency is if that dependency can cause problems with the target
> package.
> DirectFB is listed as a dependency of at least two other BLFS
> packages, probably more.
Just a note about DirectFB.

Last week I compiled and installed e17 (new enlightenment version
actually in development) which has the optional dependency of DirectFB.
On my box, LFS-SVN-20060906 plus BLFS-SVN-20061001 with some
modifications, I use gcc-4.1.1 instead of gcc-4.0.3 as listed in
blfs-book, and I use Cross-LFS-headers-2.7.13 instead of
linux-libc-headers, DirectFB-1.0.0-rc1 compiled without problems, except
for a sed I had to pass to modify X path (I used /usr/X11R7 as prefix
for Xorg-7.1) and all tests passed without a problem, the only thing is
that I compiled the gfxdriver only for nvidia, so I don't know about the
other drivers, while I compiled all input drivers.


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