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#1550: OpenEXR
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Comment (by Luca):

 OpenEXR latest version is openexr-1.4.0a from http://www.openexr.com.

 OpenGL, FLTK (http://www.fltk.org) and (eventually for NVIDIA users) Cg

 Compiled with the following istructions:

 ./configure --prefix=/usr
 make install

 --enable-imfexamples is needed for the examples, default disabled, --with-
 fltk-config=<PATH> and, optionally for NVIDIA users, --with-cg-
 prefix=<DIR> (however actually I can't make it work, it warns about Cg old
 version so I'll write an email for info). It is also possible to specify
 which GL to use with the --with-gl-includes=<DIR>.

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