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#1996: LibTIFF Glut Library dependency is confusing
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 The LibTIFF instructions show a dependency of a Glut library
 which can be fulfilled by installing the Mesa package, or
 the freeglut package. This is confusing.

 LibTIFF already has a dependency of X. If you install Xorg-7,
 then (according to existing BLFS notes) the Mesa package will
 have already been installed, and a Glut library dependency is
 not required. So right off the bat there is confusion.

 This should be explained. Additionally, it may be best to just
 list the freeglut dependency, instead of the entire Mesa
 package as a way to fulfill the Glut dependency. Freeglut is
 a stand-alone package which installs just the Glut libraries.

 Mesa is a much more comprehensive package, that quite frankly,
 is overkill for this situation.

 Bottom line is that if someone installs the Mesa package
 thinking that they are fulfilling the Glut dependency, and
 they have Xorg6.9 or Xfree on their system, then there is
 going to be overwrites/conflicts.

 This must be explained, or the Mesa dependency removed.

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