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#1985: suggest change some version entities
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 suggest change these entities
 I develop a tool to get package's version,so hope these version entities
 keep with filename,

 reiser-version      -> reiserfs-version         reiserfs.xml
 xfsprogs-version    -> xfsfs-version            xfsfs.xml
 GLib-version        -> Glib-version             Glib.xml
 jdk-src-version     -> jdk-version              jdk.xml
 Python-version      -> python-version           python.xml
 dhcp-version        -> dpcpclient-version       dhcpclient.xml
 Links-version       -> links-version            links.xml
 samba3-version      -> samba3-client-version    samba3-client.xml
 bind-version        -> bind-utils-version       bind-utils.xml
 arts-version        -> aRts-version             aRts.xml
 XMMS-version        -> xmms-version             xmms.xml
 CDParanoia-version  -> cdparanoia-version       cdparanoia.xml

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