r6069 - in trunk/BOOK: introduction/welcome kde/core

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat May 13 18:22:59 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> bdubbs at linuxfromscratch.org wrote these words on 05/13/06 19:33 CST:
>>          <listitem>
>> +          <para>[bdubbs] - Remove malloc switch from kdelibs.</para>
>> +        </listitem>
> Myself, I am going to remove it from *all* the KDE build scripts I
> have. How much can it really be helping day-to-day use of KDE anyway?
> I will search around to see if this switch actually does what the
> book says it does, but if I can't find anything, I'm going to be
> pushing that all KDE packages have it removed from the instructions.

???????  None of the other KDE packages have that switch.

  -- Bruce

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