r6067 - trunk/BOOK/x/installing

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat May 13 14:43:21 PDT 2006

> On 5/13/06 Dan wrote:

> Ah, thanks.  I was going to ask if we could put those tests back in
> the book.  I'm gonna ping DJ and see if we can get them back in the
> Xorg pages.
> --
> Dan

Sorry guys I'm away from email in only a half built system testing moz
patches to OOo.  I've got two more complete builds to do this weekend to
account for seamonkey.  If somebody could put that back into the
xorg-server page, that would be great.  I can't do it right this second as
I don't have the tools.  If somebody gets to it first, then cool, else
I'll get to it by EOD.  BTW, at what times are the book's daily renderings

-- DJ Lucas

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