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#1710: GNOME-2.14.0
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Comment (by dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org):

 acpid is not a dependency of HAL.  In fact, HAL and D-BUS completely
 deprecate the need for having a daemon listening for ACPI events.  What is
 still needed are scripts for acting on the ACPI events.  Right now, all
 the distros do their own thing.

 However, there is a new project started by the maintainers of HAL and
 gnome-power-manager based on RedHat's power management scripts.  It's
 still extremely fresh, but you could probably get it to work with HAL.
 Here's the CVS for the new project pm-utils:


 A simpler implementation which needs a small patch to HAL is used by
 Paldo.  See the acpid page (which installs nothing from the package now)
 and the HAL page.


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