r6035 - in trunk/BOOK: multimedia/libdriv x/installing

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at lfs.lucasit.com
Tue May 9 17:20:19 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> "Several" in this context is being used as a pronoun. "Smaller", of
> course, is an adjective here. "Several" is not being used to describe
> the files, it is used to identify *how many* files there are.
> There are several smaller apples in the other basket. Would you place
> a comma in this sentence as well? 

Sorry, I stand corrected on the pronoun. :-)  Anyway, a quick look at 
Purdue's OWL and I agree completely now.


See point 4, concerning essential elemnets, for the complete reson why. 
  Basically, the word "smaller" is used in contrast to the previous 
sentence and is essential to the intended meaning of the sentence.  If 
it weren't, I would disagree based on point 3, as I had previously.

You were correct in the first place, but thanks for making me think 
about it a bit.

-- DJ Lucas

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