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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue May 9 16:36:01 PDT 2006

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 05/09/06 18:19 CST:

>>      <para>As an alternative to downloading the entire source tree in a single
>> -    file, there are several, smaller files that can be fetched from the
>> +    file, there are several smaller files that can be fetched from the
>>      download location (directory /pub/X11R&xorg-version;/src/):</para>
> As I read that, "several" and "smaller" are both adjectives.  The comma 
> seems to be correct in the original.

"Several" in this context is being used as a pronoun. "Smaller", of
course, is an adjective here. "Several" is not being used to describe
the files, it is used to identify *how many* files there are.

There are several smaller apples in the other basket. Would you place
a comma in this sentence as well? I think not. Your sentence is no
different. I could be wrong, but I don't think very often you *need*
to place a comma before a descriptive adjective, when placed between
a pronoun, and the noun being referenced by the pronoun.

If the comma was being placed as a pause in the sentence, then it
could be legitimately used, but in your sentence the distinct pause
is after "in a single file". The continuation of the sentence should
not pause again, 3 words later.


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