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#1680: /proc/bus/usb is obsolete
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Comment (by alexander at linuxfromscratch.org):

 There is a conflict between the LFS and BLFS rules. LFS already names USB
 devices (basically the first rule but with NAME=... instead of SYMLINK),
 thus, the BLFS rule should be:

 SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device", GROUP="usb"

 But, that's insecure. The "usb" group must die (it was a hack invented by
 me in order to avoid the dependency of SANE on Hotplug). Rules of the
 second kind (matching on vendor and product IDs are already a part of SANE
 package, but are not installed in BLFS (that's a bug). For libgphoto2,
 there is a Debian-specific patch that adds a generator for such rules.

 As for the /proc/bus/usb mount point, it would be nice to list an example
 of an application that does require it: VMware.

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