[BLFS Trac] #1953: ALSA volume restoration script can be simplified a lot

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#1953: ALSA volume restoration script can be simplified a lot
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 Now the udev_retry bootscript is in the LFS book, and thus there is no
 need for the ALSA udev script to wait for /usr to appear. Instead, it
 should fail (i.e., exit with non-zero status) if it cannot restore the
 volume due to missing /usr. The udev_retry bootscript will call all failed
 scripts again after mounting /usr. So, this simplifies volume restoration
 to just one line:

 ACTION=="add", KERNEL=="controlC[0-9]*", RUN+="/usr/sbin/alsactl restore

 plus rules for naming and permissions (partially in LFS).

 The same is true for ALSA firmware loading.

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