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Sun Mar 26 22:00:48 PST 2006

> Just out of curiosity, when did the Mesa package start providing a Glut
> It never has in the past.

Actually it always has, at least as far as I can remember, but was split
from MesaLibs in the 6.4 release.  As far as when it quit being built with
XFree86 or Xorg, I don't know.  I _think_ I remember it from XFree86-4.0
days, but I'm not sure.  At that time, BLFS suggested mesa from cvs IIRC. 
mesa3d.org suggests at least 2002 as it's mentioned in the changelog, but
I'd bet it's further back then that.

What I don't know is why libglut is required for the demos in the Mesa
sources, but not in the Xorg-6.6.9 mono sources.  Actually, yeah I do. 
The 2 demos we use can build and run without libglut, just remove
-L$(GLUT_LIB) from APP_LIB_DEPS in configs/default as done with mono tree.
The same should be done for our demos since it's an unnecessary
dependency, and maybe add a blurb about FreeGLUT as an alternative.  Now,
which is better, MesaGLUT or FreeGLUT?  :-)  I'm a long way away from my
flight sim, which is the only thing I build that needs it, so it'll be a
while before I can compare.

-- DJ Lucas

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