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#1857: Proposal for "Games for Linux From Scratch" GLFS
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 During the past week or so, I have created a book that I am calling Games
 for Linux From Scratch (GLFS). There were multiple reasons that I created
 this, but then main one was so that I could track what was required to
 install XYZ game on the LFS/BLFS system and this would also help me to
 know what I did to get it installed. I also wanted to understand the XML
 that we use for the other books and how the book got created into a HTML

 At any rate, I have a book created that has three games and three
 utilities documented in it. I have also set up sections for the grouping
 of 11 type of games. If anyone is interested I can tar the XML and/or the
 HTML and send it along.

 My proposal is that we start a new section of LFS called GLFS (or include
 in BLFS), This would involve web site, mailing lists, support, SVN, etc.
 Sounds simple but I know this is a lot of work, but I already have a good
 start on the book. I have copied the table of contents below which
 probably has more than is needed in the Introduction section.

 Simple and straight to the point.

 Let me know what you think.

 Table of Contents

           o Foreword
           o Who Would Want to Read this Book
           o Organization
       I. Introduction
             1. Welcome to GLFS
                 + Acknowledgments
                 + Credits
                 + Which Sections of the Book Do I Want?
                 + Conventions Used in this Book
                 + Book Version
                 + Mirror Sites
                 + Getting the Source Packages
                 + Change Log
                 + Mailing Lists
                 + GLFS Wiki
                 + Asking for Help and the FAQ
                 + Contact Information
             2. Important Information
                 + Notes on Building Software
                 + The /usr Versus /usr/local Debate
                 + Optional Patches
                 + BLFS Boot Scripts
                 + Locale Related Issues
                 + Going Beyond BLFS
       II. Games
             3. 3D Games
             4. MUD Games
             5. RPG Games
             6. Action Games
             7. Adventure Games
             8. Arcade Games
             9. Board Games
             10. Card Games
                 + ACE-2.0
                 + PYSOL-4.82
             11. Console Games
             12. Strategy Games
                 + FreeCiv-2.0.8
             13. Text Games
       III. Additional Utilities
             14. Sound Utilities
                 + pysol-sound-server-3.01
             15. Libraries
                 + SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG)
                 + SDL_mixer-1.2.6
       A. Creative Commons License
       B. Academic Free License v. 2.1

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