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Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Mar 16 11:54:35 PST 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 03/16/06 13:44 CST:

> I see that for firefox, mozconfig is in
>  I could put it there,
> too, except I'm not part of the blfseditors group on anduin.
> Thoughts?

You not being in the group was oversight on Bruce's part. No big
deal. You are now part of that group.

And to answer your question, I've been putting files in the
files/BLFS section because that way we (the editors) are free to
modify and/or delete them. I'm not really sure it matters, but
since the mirrors don't bounce from one to another if the file
is missing or a mirror is down or whatever, which means that if
you point the link at a mirror, it is essentially the same as
pointing at anduin:.../files/BLFS.

I vote for anduin:.../files/BLFS

Let me know if you have any trouble writing to that area.


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