[BLFS Trac] #1833: Unlisted dependency in Xorg-7.0.0

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Mar 5 18:09:09 PST 2006

BLFS Trac wrote:

>  When building Xorg-7.0.0, I got to the stage of 'Installation of Xorg
>  applications'. At this stage I was told I needed to install MesaLib-6.4.2.
>  I started to do this but compilation of MesaLib failed with ld: cannot
>  find -lXxf86vm. Installing the Xorg library libXxf86vm-X11R7.0-1.0.0 fixed
>  this issue (in that MesaLib was then able to compile). libXxf86vm is not
>  among the 17 libraries listed as dependencies in the 'Xorg Libraries'
>  section of the Xorg-7.0.0 page.
>  I hope this is helpful.

It is helpful.  Thanks.  We need to add a real dependency tree for 
Xorg-7.0.0 I think.  Just need a nice way to present it.  The 17 listed 
libraries are not the only needed libs needed either...those simply 
provide all the interdependacies for themselves and the rest of the 40 
libs to build correctly.  I'm sorry if it read that way...those 
instructions are brand new so any additional feedback is really appreciated.

-- DJ Lucas

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