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#1797: Subversion-1.3.0
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Comment (by chris at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Just wanted to verify the issue with subversion and libxml2. I have a base
 CLFS system (unlike LFS, no Berkeley DB) + GPM + dhcpcd + libxml2 - that's
 it. I configured subversion with "./configure --prefix=/usr --with-
 libxml2" and configure reports that's it's still using subversion's own
 internal expat libs.
 And I just checked again and it seems subversion 1.2.3 does the same
 thing. From looking at the configure script it seems that if expat isn't
 found on the system (even if libxml2 is) the main svn configure script
 passes --with-expat=[sourcedir]/apr-util/xml/expat to the neon configure
 script. If expat is found on the system, this isn't done so neon is able
 to use libxml2.

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