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#1648: Mutt gcc4 issues
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Comment (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):

 But don't you think there is a reason that it is still be referred
 to as a development version? We really need to explain this as it
 directly conflicts with BLFS policy.

 Just as Archaic mentioned yesterday about shadow: "Backporting the cvs
 changes and creating a patch sounds like a viable option."

 Don't get me wrong, I think doing whatever is necessary to allow the
 package to build with the current toolchain is mandatory. If it
 cannot be accomplished with a patch, then we just gotta do what we
 gotta do.

 I, however, don't think that we should migrate to development versions
 of packages because of UTF-8 issues, though. We could mention the
 updated development version on the Wiki or the "Locale issues" page,
 but I'm more into keeping with the policy of using 'stable' versions.

 Where do we stop? If it is acceptable to migrate to development
 versions of packages because it provides enhanced functionality,
 or fixing brokenness to areas of the package that are only meaningful
 to *some* users, I'd bet we could update every BLFS package to a
 development version.

 This is simply my opinion though. YMMV. Don't do anything just because
 of my opinion, please. Just consider it and do whatever you think is

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