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> Good enough. Thanks for the reminder, Ag. Sorry about the perception
> of my reply, nothing really was meant by it. Let's move forward knowing
> that I simply misunderstood your intentions, and then didn't word my
> response exactly correct. 

Now it's my turn to ask sorry from you,please accept it.
In addition and just for you to know it,i always read your comments carefully
and i admire you for your dedication to the project.
> I suppose there is merit to using graphical Vim for text selection, though
> I rarely find the need to select more than a screen full at a time, which
> I can do just fine in text-based Vim. In the rare instances when I need to
> select more than fits on one screen (which is quite a bit as my xterms are
> large and vim uses the whole xterm window), I simply cat the file in an
> xterm and then select as much as I need from the xterm, or I can fire up
> a KDE or GNOME editor. 

You can always put a line in your vimrc,something like 
map x :!/usr/X11R6/bin/xclip -f
will do the job.You can find xclip in debian repo.
> > i have my forty-two days old daughter in my arms, because if
> > i leave her in the bed she will cry,and this is a permanent situation.
> Keep that sweetie in your arms for as long as you can. There will come a
> day when you won't be able to, and that day will come too soon.

I know that you mean everysingle word by that,and for so i thank you kindly for
your sweet words.

Last but not least.
Sorry Bruce. :)

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