[Bug 1641] Vim-6.4

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> Well i choose the N.4 option and that was the main and only reason for my comment.

Good enough. Thanks for the reminder, Ag. Sorry about the perception
of my reply, nothing really was meant by it. Let's move forward knowing
that I simply misunderstood your intentions, and then didn't word my
response exactly correct. 

> > Well, just to prove your theory wrong, I have never seen the need to 
> > build a graphical Vim. Ever. 
> X11 selection maybe?Don't say to me to use xclip,it's a hack.
> I never used gvim either,but i want the copy/paste operation between different
> applications in my vim.

I suppose there is merit to using graphical Vim for text selection, though
I rarely find the need to select more than a screen full at a time, which
I can do just fine in text-based Vim. In the rare instances when I need to
select more than fits on one screen (which is quite a bit as my xterms are
large and vim uses the whole xterm window), I simply cat the file in an
xterm and then select as much as I need from the xterm, or I can fire up
a KDE or GNOME editor. 

> i have my forty-two days old daughter in my arms, because if
> i leave her in the bed she will cry,and this is a permanent situation.

Keep that sweetie in your arms for as long as you can. There will come a
day when you won't be able to, and that day will come too soon.

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