[Bug 1641] Vim-6.4

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------- Additional Comments From zkom.xl at gmail.com  2006-01-31 09:09 -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> (In reply to comment #2)

Well Randy,excuse me if you took it at the wrong way.

> Apparently, nobody 1)had the time, 2)had the know-how, 3)thought it important
> enough, 4)remembered to do it.  :-)

Well i choose the N.4 option and that was the main and only reason for my comment.

> Well, just to prove your theory wrong, I have never seen the need to 
> build a graphical Vim. Ever. 

X11 selection maybe?Don't say to me to use xclip,it's a hack.
I never used gvim either,but i want the copy/paste operation between different
applications in my vim.
>And that is probably the biggest reason I
> didn't fix this bug. Because I don't want to install graphical Vim,
> therefore, it was difficult for me to build and test it.
> I am unassigning the bug from myself.

Understandable but you do it at the wrong time and you looked insulted from my
Well if my comment made you mad and insulted then i am as much as insulted as
you are,no more no less.

> And BTW, instead of complaining about it not being done, why not send
> in a patch instead?

Lack of time.In fact i am trying,to answer to your comment for a half an hour
and i can't,because i have my forty-two days old daughter in my arms,because if
i leave her in the bed she will cry,and this is a permanent situation.

I am trying to help the project with every way i can and i promise you after
eastern,most probably i will try to submit patches.



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